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Elektra super powers

elektra super powers

Elektra ist der Name einer Comicreihe um die gleichnamige Comicfigur des Kategorien: Superheld · Comicfigur · Marvel Comics. Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied the martial arts as an adolescent. While in the US with her father, she began studies in political  Origin ‎: ‎Daredevil # (), Daredevil #. Elektra Natchios was born on a Greek island near the Aegean Sea to Hugo At this time, the Architect was calling all super -villains to meet in New York for a . Powers. Elektra was resurrected by the Hand giving her a connection to the. By using a Telepathic technique that she learned during her time with the hand, Elektra can create a mental shield around her mind keeping herself hidden from not only other psychics but mind locating machines like Cerebro. She later leaves as Foggy arrived. Under his Red Hulk guise, Ross was assembling a special team of operatives to eliminate evils of the world that other teams can't handle. As they were speaking, Hirochi came over to personally welcome Elektra to the party, politely kissing her on the hand before he complimented her appearance. After which, her father insisted she learn self-defense. An extreme example would be the time she murdered an ambassador in South America.

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Everything Wrong With Elektra In 13 Minutes Or Less Retrieved November 21, Hercules and his father have both seen better days, both have been reduced to mortal status, Zeus is even pudgy and out of shape, Hercules is utilizing weapons such as a sword and shield to compensate for his loss of godly strength, and other typical godlike powers. Just before he left, Elektra accused Stick of leaving her to go and train another student , but Stick insisted he would never forget about her before walking away from her, leaving Elektra alone. Two of them go to hold her while another pulls out a knife to cut off what little clothes she has left on. The leader of The Hand dispatches his own son, Kirigi, to deal with the intervention of Elektra. Just as they reached the door, Murdock questioned if Elektra had the house key, at which point she just simply let out a cheeky grin. She then proceeds to kill both Nico and Brothers. Daredevil überwältigt die Hand, kann die Zeremonie aber noch vollenden. When she was 9 years old, Elektra was kidnapped. When they arrived, they realized that something was wrong. She is resistant to pain and extreme heat and cold. Elektra Elektra from the cover of Elektra vol. Elektra began to hit Stick and kicked him across the room as the two fought with her sais and his sword while Stick continued to berate and mock his former pupil. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view. She joined the Red Hulk 's strike-team the Thunderbolts along with Deadpoolthe Punisher and Agent Venom. Daredevil then tried to revive Elektra. Elektra is an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast. In retaliation, Kingpin ordered her to kill Matt's best friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson. Elektra then takes Matt to the Night Nursebut insists that The Hand should cure .

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Unbeknownst to Elektra herself she was in actuality the Black Sky, a mythical deity within the order of the Hand who is worshiped by its followers. With the Yakuza defeated and them now victorious, Elektra teased Daredevil by asking what had taken him so long before he examined the nasty gash on her shoulder and neck. Aside from her attachments to the Chaste, the Hand, and Daredevil, Elektra joined many a superpowered team-up. When she stabbed him, her sai broke. In an email to Kitty Pryde , Nick Fury told her that Elektra had survived, but was missing and was probably in Eastern Europe, creating her own militia group, which she intended to be her own version of The Hand.

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